Resolutions Youth

A Parliamentary Day for the Black and Racialized Francophone Youth - Feb 27, 2024
Build a future where every voice counts and every contribution is valued

Building on the momentum of the Resolutions 2023 Conference “Overcoming Racism Together” held in Ottawa on October 16-17, 2023, Resolutions Youth is a first step in addressing the recommendation from resolutions2023 put forth by the working group on politics and participants to provide a platform for dialogue with the black and racialized francophone youth to help foster meaningful dialogue with the Ontario political institutions to empower their voice and perspective.

The Parliamentary Youth Day for Black and Racialized Francophones at Queen's Park was a remarkable event hosted by MPP Guy Bourgouin, Mushkegowuk—James Bay, symbolizing a significant step forward towards the inclusion and representation of racialized Francophone communities in Ontario's political spheres. The presence of Madame Edith Dumont, as the first Franco-Ontarian Lieutenant-Governor and fourth woman to hold this position, not only reinforces the importance of this event but also serves as a powerful reminder that barriers can be broken and glass ceilings are made to be shattered.

The aim of the day, which follows on from the "Resolutions 2023" Conference, is to turn recommendations and aspirations into concrete action. It's an opportunity for young participants to engage directly with decision-makers, sharing their experiences, hopes and visions for a more inclusive future. The planned workshops and discussions provide a framework for developing strategies to bridge the gap between racialized francophone youth and political institutions while highlighting the crucial importance of diversity and inclusion in strengthening our democracy.

The presence of numerous MPPs from all four parties represented in the Ontario legislature testifies to the obvious interest of elected officials in this first initiative of its kind in French Ontario, targeting young people from racialized francophone communities. Participants had the opportunity to speak directly with the leader of the New Democratic Party, as well as Francophone, Conservative, Liberal and Green Party spokespersons.

For this event to be a success, the recommendations and ideas emerging from these discussions mustn't go unheeded. Implementing these ideas will require an ongoing commitment from participants, organizers and Ontario's political institutions alike. It is imperative to create follow-up mechanisms and platforms to enable young people to continue to actively participate in political processes and ensure that their voices are heard and taken into account in decision-making.

The Parliamentary Youth Day for Black and Racialized Francophones represents a crucial step towards achieving a more equitable and inclusive society. Inspired by leading figures such as Madame Edith Dumont, young participants are called upon to become agents of change in their communities and beyond, working together to build a future where every voice counts and every contribution is valued.

Thanks to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation for its funding, Operation Black Vote for their Political training, as well as Collège Boréal, Collège La Cité, AEFO and Collège Français for their collaboration.


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